Guide 9: Carrowteige Loop Walk, Co. Mayo

Guide 9: Carrowteige Loop Walk, Co. Mayo

Location: Carrowteige is located on the stunning north coast of County Mayo, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It's part of the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland's famous coastal route that spans the west coast. View Map

About: Carrowteige, or Ceathrú Thaidhg in Irish, is a small, picturesque village in northwest County Mayo. The area is steeped in history, with ancient legends and folklore telling tales of sea gods, mythical warriors, and the struggles of generations who have called this wild coast home. The Loop Walks provide a glimpse into the region's past, including remnants of ancient settlements, megalithic tombs, and traditional farming practices that have shaped the land for centuries.

Get there: The Carrowteige Loop Walks are located in the northern most part of County Mayo, about 50km northwest of Ballina.
- From Dublin:
Take the N5 west to Westport, then the N59 north to Bangor Erris
- From Bangor Erris;
follow signs to Carrowteige/Ceathrú Thaidhg
The journey takes approximately 4.5 to 5 hours
- From Galway:
Take the N5 north to Westport, then follow the same route as above
The journey takes about 3 hours

What to do: There are 4 different loop walks, each with a different grade of difficulty. 

1 - Benwee Loop Walk
5 Hours

2: Carrowteige - Beach Loop
90 minutes

3: Childer of Lir Loop
2 hours 30 minutes

4: Black Ditch Loop
3 hours

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