Guide 1: Exploring Rathlin Island

Guide 1: Exploring Rathlin Island

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Location: Rathlin Island is just 6 miles off the coast of Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. View Map

History: Rathlin Island has been inhabited for over 6,000 years. From ancient Neolithic settlements to Viking raids and medieval kingdoms, the island has witnessed many chapters of Ireland's past. 

Get there: Short ferry crossing from Ballycastle. Book Here. Ferry services run throughout the year, (timetable) with more frequent sailings during peak season from April-September. It is recommended to purchase tickets online well in advance. Arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to board. Dogs & Bicycles also welcome.

What to do: If you have watched our Good Vibes Outside Vlog, you'll know that there are a few cool things to do, especially on 2 wheels.

As a reminder: There is epic scenery everywhere, so bring cameras and binoculars. It's famous for its Puffins - Head to the Seabird Centre from late April to early July for close-up views of Puffins and other seabirds gathering in their thousands. You can follow the Roonivoolin walking trail to check out other seabirds. There are also seal sanctuaries and it's full of other wildlife too. 

The lighthouses are unique - upside down, missing tops and with an air raid shelter. There are coastal trails, activities such as sea kayaking, scuba-diving and boat tours.

Finish the trip off in the village with a bit of food and a pint...

Check out more on the Rathlin Island Community Website.

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