Product Care

Please read this page carefully in order to get the best out of your products.

The Adrift collection, especially tees & sweaters, is manufactured in a specific way to create the 'washed-out' unique style which makes it so popular. Each garment is dyed and so this means the colour can run easier than other garments would. 

Please be careful, especially with the crimson/red products. All the products need to be washed in a cold wash, ideally with similar colours, or darker colours. The first few washes will loose colour in the garments, so please take great care not to ruin other items in the wash. 

If you are wearing a light garment underneath any products (particularly crimson), the colour can rub off some items and onto the garment underneath/your skin. To avoid this, we recommend washing your product before use, or not to wear it during exercise.

If you scrub the products in order to remove any stains you may have got on the garments, then please be careful not to scrub the actual colour out of the garment and leave a lighter patch than the rest of the garment.

Over the course of the Adrift products lifetime, the colour will fade. This is normal and we believe it adds character to the item.

Do not iron over any of the printing and please hang dry.