Guide 2: Keem Beach, Achill, Co. Mayo

Guide 2: Keem Beach, Achill, Co. Mayo

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Location: Keem Beach is situated on the western tip of Achill, Co. Mayo. View Map

History: Ceann na Ghadhair (Keem Beach) in Irish, was once a hub for the local fishing industry during the 19th and early 20th centuries and was famous for its basking shark fishery.

Get there: Achill Island is accessible via a bridge from the mainland:

- From Westport: Take the N59 towards Mulranny. Follow the signs for Achill Island (R319).
- Cross Achill Sound: Continue on the R319 through Achill Sound. Drive across the bridge onto Achill Island.
- Head Towards Keel: Follow the main road through Keel village.
- Scenic Drive to Keem: Continue on the winding road past Dooagh village. The road narrows and climbs steeply as you approach Keem Bay.

What to do: We don't need to give you too much guidance on what to do here as it speaks for itself, but if you're feeling adventurous, you need to check out the hikes nearby. The most popular is up to Moyteoge Head, offering panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the cliffs, but if you watched our video on this, you'll know that you can continue on round to possibly the most breathtaking viewpoint in Ireland, Achill Head. Follow the cliffs on up (with a lot of care - these are some of the highest sea cliffs in the country!) and you'll reach Achill Head - just round the corner from more insane viewpoints of the Cliffs of Croaghaun.

Worth noting: Safety first, ey. As mentioned before, these are some of the highest sea cliffs in Ireland. Stay well away from the edge and keep any pups on the lead.

Weather wise, it's always hit and miss in Ireland, but your best bet is June-September for the nicer weather.

There aren't many facilities nearby, so it's worth bringing your own supplies, food and plenty of water. 

It's a protected area... so we don't need to tell you to respect the wildlife and leave no trace of your visit. 

Here's a little more info from Discover Ireland.

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