How do I redeem points?

Your can cash in your points within the member zone section. You will receive a code to use at checkout which gives you the selected value off.

How much are points worth?

You will earn 5 points for every £1/€1 spent with us.

Points are worth:

£5 = 500 points

£15 = 1500 points

£30 = 3000 points

£50 = 5000 points

Do I lose points if I make a return?

Yep, your points will be deducted if you make a return. Only the points for the item returned will be deducted.

Can I combine discounts?

Not really. Free Shipping discounts will still qualify if you are redeeming points against an order, however, any other discount code or offers will not be useable alongside redeeming points.

Is there a limit to earning points?

Nope! Earn away, friend.

How does 'Tell Your Mates' work?

You can send your mates an email from within the Member Zone which will direct them to the Bleubird website.

If your mates order by clicking the link in the email you sent them, you will both be rewarded. They will get 15% off the order (over £30/€40) and you will earn 500 points.

Happy out!

I'm already signed up

If you have already created an account with us prior to The Member Zone Launching, then you just need to log in with the same credentials and you will have access.