Right, listen up...

1: Yea, we are doing Black Friday

But you need to pay attention to the rest of this page first...

2: You gotta sign up to The Member Zone.

This is a brand new, pretty sick place where our loyal community can benefit from being part of Bleubird. Collect points through various actions and redeem them for your favourite products. Early access, news, behind-the-scenes and a whole lot more. You don't want to miss this one...

3: You'll get an email

This will be from The Member Zone. Check your spam if it didn't come through. It will confirm the opening of your account, it will inform you of your newly acquired points (for creating the account). It will also include a discount code for 20% OFF SITEWIDE over the course of The Black Friday Weekend.

4: You gotta read up on how we put good use to Black Friday in Malawi, Africa.

If you've been following our journey for a while, you may already know about 'The Bleubird Foundation', a project we run in Malawi, Africa.

Every Black Friday weekend, we have matched every penny spent on our website and put it towards this ongoing project. The project improves the lives of families in Malawi, whilst also reducing C02 emissions massively. This Black Friday is no different.  

By replacing traditional household cooking methods with the 'Changu Changu Moto', a simple, safe, fuel-efficient cookstove built with natural materials in a few hours, families can reduce their household wood consumption by 66%. This tackles deforestation and C02 emissions, but it also saves people time and labour and it prevents young children suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.  

It's win, win all round, and we're stoked to be able to have a direct, visible impact on the lives and environment of the village of Mulanje and beyond.

So yea, thanks for being part of our community and helping to make all this possible.

5: Get ordering...

Bedtime reading is over (for now). It's probably time you go order with us.

6: Tell Your Mates

Part of 'The Member Zone' has the option to 'Tell Your Mates'. This is a way for you to spread your love of Bleubird with your mates, and benefit whilst doing so.

Over Black Friday, your mates can get the 20% off as usual, however, if they use your personal link, you'll get rewarded with 500 extra points. That's for EVERY SINGLE MATE you send our way.

7: Sit back & relax

So you've created your Member Zone account and started collecting points. You've read up and maybe even watched the videos on the work we've got going on out in Mulanje, Malawi. You've ordered some sick products from us. You've told your mates about us. Now you can sit tight while our warehouse team works double-time to get your order dispatched.


The buttons are below. They will open in new windows so you can come back here to keep on track.

Cheers, Friends.

The Bleubird Team.